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[An image showing Cathedral]A superb book which should be appreciated by anybody who habitually looks at this website is "Cathedral".

Subtitled "The great English cathedrals and the world that made them", it is written by Jon Cannon, and is essentially in two parts.

Firstly, he considers how cathedrals in general came to be made, how they were made in the way they were, and who the people were who brought them into being, both the instigators, kings and bishops for example, and the actual workers who did the job.

Secondly, there is an article about each of the great cathedrals of England, such as Canterbury, Ely, Lincoln, Norwich and Salisbury, and there is also a section on cathedrals which have been raised from parish church status, such as Chelmsford, Derby, Leicester and Portsmouth.

Jon Cannon`s book is well worth investing in.