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A Scary Night in Lutterworth

[An image showing A Scary Night in Lutterworth]A group of ladies from the Lutterworth district had a ghostly evening recently when I took them on a Guided Walk around their town on a haunted theme.

The Lutterworth Ladies Circle had invited me to lead this walk for them, and of course as always I was pleased to do so.

I called the walk "Haunted Lutterworth", and pulled in stories about hauntings and the supernatural around Leicestershire and from my own experiences.

We started outside the Town Hall, and covered most of the old town, including the old bridge over the River Swift and of course the churchyard of St. Marys Church, where John Wycliffe was Rector in the 14th century.

I lead very popular Haunted Walks in other places, notably "Haunted Leicester" and "Haunted London".

If you would like me to arrange something similar for your group, feel free to get in touch.