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City Walls (York)

The City Walls of York form one of the best known aspects of this superbly historic old city.

The walls originated during the Roman period, in the late 3rd century, and were added to over the centuries, with the result that what we see today is mediaeval.

The walls are almost intact, and encircle the city, apart from at the crossings of the River Ouse and the River Foss.

As at Canterbury, Chester and Chichester, most of the walls can be negotiated on foot, as there is a footpath on top.

There are several gates (here known as bars) still standing, namely Walmgate Bar and Barbican; Fishergate Bar; Victoria Bar; Micklegate Bar, with its Museum; Bootham Bar, close to York Minster; and Monk Bar, with its Museum devoted to Richard III.

There are also several towers, including Red Tower; Fishergate Postern Tower; Bitchdaughter Tower; Toft Tower; Barker Tower; Lendal Tower; and Robin Hood Tower.

The Roman Multangular Tower and nearby Anglian Tower were also associated with the walls.

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