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Chester is an ancient and historic city in Cheshire, close to the border with Wales.

It dates back to Roman times, when a fortress was built here named Deva, on the River Dee, as a bastion against the Welsh. Later on, in the Middle Ages, it became an important port, until the silting up of the Dee led to the rise of Liverpool.

Chester has important Roman remains, in the shape of the largest amphitheatre ever discovered in Britain. The site of the Roman harbour, known as the Roodee, is now a racecourse, the only one in England where the horses run anti-clockwise.

Chester Cathedral stands on the site of a church founded in Anglo-Saxon times, while the partly ruined St. John's Church acted as a cathedral in pre-Conquest days.

Chester has the most intact of all England's mediaeval City Walls, and it is possible to walk almost all around the city on the walkway on top of the walls.

The Jubilee Clock surmounting the East Gate is England's second most photographed clock, after Big Ben in London.

The city has a unique architectural feature named The Rows, with continuous walkways above the pavements at first floor shop level, and has a splendid tradition of black and white timber framed buildings.

The eldest son of the monarch traditionally holds the title Earl of Chester.

Chester Zoo is internationally famous.

Prominent persons born at Chester include the comedian Russ Abbot; conductor Sir Adrian Boult; and footballer Michael Owen.

The TV soap "Holllyoaks", is set in a suburb of Chester.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Chester for groups.

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Amphitheatre, Bishop Lloyd`s House, Chester Castle, Chester Cathedral, Chester Station, Chester Zoo, City Walls, Eastgate, Market Square, Roodee, St. Johns Church, The Rows, Town Hall, Visitor Centre

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