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St. Nicholas Church (Stanford-on-Avon)

St. Nicholas Church is the parish church of the little Northamptonshire village of Stanford-on-Avon.

It stands beside the lovely River Avon, which separates it from elegant Stanford Hall in Leicestershire.

St. Nicholas dates from the 14th century. The tower has a series of pinnacles.

The roof beams in the chancel are Norman, and the oak wall panelling is 16th century, brought here from the previous Stanford Hall.

The altar is the one that was used by William Laud, who was the Rector here before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury, while the organ case was removed by Oliver Cromwell from Whitehall Palace after Charles I`s execution, after which it came into the possession of Thomas Cave, the local magnate, by way of Magdalen College at Oxford.

There is a fine collection of monuments to members of the Cave family.

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