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St. Marys Church (Sandwich)

The church of St. Mary the Virgin is one of three surviving mediaeval churches in the historic old town of Sandwich in Kent.

The others are St. Clements Church and St. Peter's Church.

St. Mary's stands in Strand Street, in the town centre.

It was plainly a grand church in its day, and can be dated back to the early 12th century.

But in 1668, the central tower fell, in the process demolishing most of the interior, so that today there is a very wide nave and a North aisle.

An earlier unfortunate event was the sacking of the church during the wars with France in around 1400, after which some new arcading was built.

There are some 19th century windows.

The 18th century pews were brought here from the chapel of Gopsall Hall in Leicestershire.

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