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Sandwich is a lovely old town in the historic county of Kent.

It was founded in the Anglo-Saxon period, and at this time was a port where the River Stour emptied into the Noth Sea.

In the Middle Ages, Sandwich became one of the Cinque Ports, and one of England's most important naval bases.

However, since then the river has silted up, and Sandwich is now two miles inland, with golf courses, including the Royal St. George's Golf Club, between the town and the sea.

Sandwich was one of the places to which the Huguenots came, bringing more properity with their weaving skills.

Today, Sandwich is a picturesque little town, with narrow streets and a plethora of listed buildings.

St. Clement's Church, St. Peter's Church and St. Mary's Church survive, and so do two of the town gates, the Barbican and Fisher gate. The earthworks which partly surround the town are known as The Ramparts.

Thomas Paine lived in Sandwich for a while in the 18th century.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Sandwich for groups.

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Barbican, Fisher Gate, Guildhall Museum, Rare Species Conservation Centre, Sandwich Station, St. Bartholomew`s Hospital, St. Clements Church, St. Marys Church, St. Peters Church

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