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St. Mary and St. John Church (Rothley)

[An image showing St. Mary and St. John Church]The church of St. Mary and St. John the Baptist is the parish church of the attractive Leicestershire village of Rothley.

It is a large mediaeval church, built of the local Mountsorrel granite, which dates back to the 13th century.

The large and imposing tower is built in the Perpendicular style, and there is a fine clerestory.

The font is Norman, and has a drum shape.

There are memorials to members of the Babington family, and others to the Macaulays.

In the churchyard is a gravestone, that of William Hunt who died in 1794, which depicts Swithland church collapsing at the Day of Judgement.

Also in the churchyard is the Anglo-Saxon Rothley Cross, predating the church. It is 9 feet high and would have been used as a peaching site. It was constructed in the 9th century.

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