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St. Martins Church (Canterbury)

St. Martins is an ancient church in the historic city of Canterbury, and could actually be the oldest church in England.

There is not much doubt that it is the oldest in continuous use.

When St. Augustine arrived in Kent in 597 with a mission to convert the English to Christianity, he found Bertha, the Christian wife of the Kentish King Ethelbert, already worshipping at a church dedicated to St. Martin.

It was said that the church had been built at least two centuries previously, in Roman times.

The church is a little to the East of Canterbury, outside the City Walls, in the position described by the Venerable Bede.

Today, St. Martins is, together with Canterbury Cathedral and St. Augustines Abbey, a World Heritage Site.

The font is of the Norman period, and is believed to have been brought here from the cathedral.

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