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Sudbury is an old market town in Suffolk, mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It is 13 miles from Colchester and on the River Stour.

In mediaeval times, it was one of the largest of England`s weaving towns.

Market Hill is still the busy town centre.

St. Gregory`s Church was an ancient foundation rebuilt by Simon of Sudbury in the 14th century. The Archbishop of Canterbury, he was beheaded on Tower Hill in London during the Peasants` Revolt, and his head is preserved in the vestry.

St. Peter`s Church on Market Hill was a chapel of ease to St. Gregory`s, dating from the 15th century. It contains the famous velvet Sudbury Pall.

All Saints Church also dates from the 15th century.

Thomas Gainsborough, one of England`s finest painters, was born in a 16th century house with a Georgian frontage in what is now Gainsborough Street. This is now a memorial and arts centre.

There is a statue of Gainsborough on Market Hill.

A merchant`s house named Salter`s Hall and The Chantry are both fine 15th century buildings.

Sudbury appears in Dickens` "Pickwick Papers" under the name Eatanswill.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Sudbury for groups.

Places in Sudbury

Gainsborough`s House, St. Gregory`s Church, Sudbury Station

Places in Sudbury...