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St. Gregory`s Church (Sudbury)

St. Gregory`s Church is one of three mediaeval churches in the ancient Suffolk market town of Sudbury.

It is situated near the River Stour some way from the present town centre, beside a pleasant green.

An ancient foundation, it was rebuilt in the 14th century by Simon of Sudbury, the churchman who became Archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of Richard II. It was originally used as a college to train priests.

It has a very long chancel, nearly as long as the nave.

The mediaeval font cover is an astonishing piece of work. The carpenter made it with a series of crocketed gables, and with the ability to telescope while the font is being used.

A reused panel depicts St. John Schorne, the Buckinghamshire doctor, and there is another panel of St. Gregory.

A gruseome relic kept in the vestry is the head of Simon of Sudbury. During the Peasants` Revolt, he was dragged from the Tower of London and summarily beheaded on Tower Hill.

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