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Margate is a major seaside resort on the Isle of Thanet in Kent, 15 miles from Canterbury.

It was one of the earliest seaside resorts in England, starting in 1753 when Benjamin Beale, a local Quaker and glovemaker, invented the bathing machine. This novelty intrigued the upper classes, who began to visit Margate in considerable numbers.

There are nine miles of sandy beaches and the usual funfairs and amusement arcades, as well as impressive chalk cliffs. There is a jolly Clock Tower beside the beach.

Dreamland, covering 20 acres, was one of the country`s best known permanent funfairs, but regrettably has been closed down.

St. John`s Church is a little inland, at the original settlement, and dates in part from the 12th century.

The Winter Gardens has a concert hall holding two thousand.

The Theatre Royal dates back to 1787.

The Tom Thumb Theatre boasts the world`s smallest stage.

The Tudor House is an attractive timber framed 16th century house.

Margate Grotto is a curious set of chambers hollowed out of the chalk and decorated with shells. It age is unclear, but may well be an 18th century folly.

Margate Jetty, by Rennie, dates from 1815. The pier, also by Rennie, was swept away in a gale in 1978.

Salmestone Grange, on the outskirts of the town, dates partly from the 13th century.

There was a sea battle off Margate in 1387, in which the English defeated the French fleet.

The actor Peter Barkworth was born at Margate, and artist Tracey Emin was brought up in the town.

Lord George Sanger, the circus proprietor, came to the end of his life in Margate when he was murdered by a servant.

T. S. Eliot wrote part of "The Waste Land" in a shelter overlooking the beach.

"Margate" was a hit record for Chas and Dave ("you can keep your Costa Brava and all that palaver, I`m telling you mate I`d rather have a day down Margate with all me family").

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Margate Station, St. John the Baptist Church

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