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Dunmow is a historic and attractive old town in North Essex, a few miles to the West of Braintree, on Stane Street, the Roman road that led from St. Albans to Colchester. It stands on the River Chelmer, which joins the Blackwater at Maldon.

Properly known as Great Dunmow, it is best known for the Dunmow Flitch, which was originally associated with the priory at the much smaller Little Dunmow. The custom dates back to the 12th century, but had died out before being reintroduced, largely due to the writer Harrison Ainsworth, in 1855.

The mock trial is held every four years, and a flitch of bacon (a side, which would have served as food for a long time) is presented to any married couple who have not repented of being married for a year and a day.

Doctor’s Pond is where Lionel Lukin tested the first self righting lifeboat in 1785.

At nearby Great Easton is a garden created by Daisy, Countess of Warwick, an intimate friend of Edward VII.

Sir George Beaumont, artist and patron of the arts, who later lived at Coleorton Hall in Leicestershire, was born at Dunmow.

Places in Dunmow

Clock House, Great Dunmow Maltings, Great Dunmow Museum, Market Square, St. Marys Church

Places in Dunmow...