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Billesdon is an attractive village in Leicestershire, 8 miles from Leicester, with a good number of ironstone buildings.

Much of the surrounding countryside is archetypal hunting country, where the Fernie Hunt had many meets.

St. John the Baptist Church, in its attractive churchyard, dates in part from the 13th century.

The Market Place stands in the centre of the village, where the main road from Leicester to Uppingham and Peterborough used to run. On the green stands the War Memorial, and a 14th century cross.

The Old Grammar School dates from 1650, on the site of an even earlier building, whose scholars included George Fox and George Villiers, later to become Duke of Buckingham.

Billesdon Coplow is a prominent hill a mile to the North, which can be seen from half the county.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Billesdon for groups.

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Market Place, Old Grammar School, St. John the Baptist Church

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