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Why Not Try a Leicester Ancient and Modern Tour?

You’re probably aware of the iconic National Space Centre in Leicester. But did you know that Leicester is one of the oldest towns in the country?

Many Coach Operators and Group Travel Operators will have thought about including the amazing National Space Centre in their programmes – it is, after all, the only one outside North America.

And I’m sure that a good proportion of these have actually visited the centre. But there is an opportunity here to have an Ancient and Modern tour.

Leicester dates back to Roman times, and the Jewry Wall is the largest civil Roman building still standing in Britain. Later, it was one of the Five Towns of the Danelaw. Richard III was killed in battle near Market Bosworth, a few miles away, and was buried here. Cardinal Wolsey died and was buried at Leicester Abbey.

Leicester was besieged by Charles I and Prince Rupert during the Civil War. It was the birthplace of the huge Daniel Lambert and of the tragic Joseph Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man.

Modern tourism was born at Leicester in 1841, when Thomas Cook organised his first excursion, to a temperance meeting at Loughborough.

When you decide to organise a trip to the National Space Centre, why not couple it with a look at Old Leicester? I can take you on a Guided walk, or give a commentary on your coach. Why not get in touch and have a chat about the possibilities?