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Visit to the Grace Dieu Ruins

We paid a visit to the Grace Dieu ruins recently.

Anne, my wife, had not been there before although she had seen the ruins when passing by on a coach.

I met her in Loughborough at lunchtime, after we had both finished our various morning activities, and we caught the bus out to Thringstone.

It is a very pleasant walk through the woods from the car park of the Bull`s Head, going under a railway bridge and a most impressive viaduct, which would have been seen by 19th century visitors to the big house.

The ruins are of a priory which was founded by Roesia de Verdon in 1235, and are famously haunted.

Afterwards, we had an excellent dinner at the Bull`s Head. Not really very expensive, we enjoyed it very much and it filled us up very nicely.