Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

The Tate Galleries in London

The Tate Galleries in London recently organised a familiarisation day for group organisers.

I wasn’t able to go, because it was the day of my annual Free Mystery Tour, the Coach Trip around the Leicestershire area that I organise every year in conjunction with International Day of the Tourist Guide.

So Anne, my wife, went to represent Colin Crosby Heritage Tours.

The first part of the visit was Tate Britain, the original gallery on Millbank in Westminster. Members of the Tate staff showed highlights of the gallery’s collections, and gave details relating to the galleries at Liverpool and St. Ives in Cornwall.

The visitors were then able to use the boat on the River Thames, which transports people between the two London galleries.

Tate Modern is housed in Giles Gilbert Scott’s massive Bankside Power Station, close to the Millennium Bridge. At present, one of the exhibitions there is “Gothic Nightmares”, featuring the work of Fuseli and William Blake.

Anne felt that the day was very enjoyable and very worthwhile.