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The Six Wives of Henry VIII

[An image showing The Six Wives of Henry VIII]There was an interesting talk at Vaughan College in Leicester recently on the six wives of Henry VIII. It was at one of the meetings of the Vaughan Historical and Archaeological Society.

The talk was by Sally Henshaw, who is one of the leading lights of the Leicester branch of the Richard III Society.

I attended this talk, it being obviously a subject of interest to me. I am not a member of the Vaughan Society, but do from time to time attend talks which they arrange.

Sally gave some insight into the lives, background, influence and in some cases downfall of the six ladies concerned.

In case you have forgotten who they all were, here is the list.

Catherine of Aragon, widow of Henry`s elder brother Arthur. Mother of Mary I. Divorced.

Anne Boleyn, formerly of Rochford. Mother of Elizabeth I. Beheaded.

Jane Seymour. Mother of Edward VI. Died shortly after giving birth.

Anne of Cleves. Divorced.

Catherine Howard. Cousin of Anne Boleyn. Beheaded.

Catherine Parr. Outlived Henry.