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Talk for Evington Echo Distributors

I recently gave a talk to distributors of the Evington Echo.

This is a free newspaper that circulates monthly in the Evington district of Leicester.

The occasion was a party held at Evington Village Hall, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this well-produced publication. I had given a talk at an earlier party in the Summer, for the Echo's production team. This time it was for the hardy individuals who go out in all weathers to distribute it to houses and businesses in the area.

The subject was the history of Evington, which was one of the villages swallowed up by the City of Leicester in the 19th century.

I pointed out that within a few minutes walk of the Village Hall is the line of a Roman road. It is the road that led from Leicester to Colchester, the oldest town in the country. The road is usually known today as the Via Devana, but in Leicestershire it is generally called the Gartree Road. New Walk is also on the line of this road.

I spoke about St. Denys' Church, Piggy's Hollow, Evington Chapel and the fishponds which formerly served the grange of Leicester Abbey.

And after I had given the talk, I helped those distributors tuck into a brilliant buffet!