Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Strolling Around Thurmaston

The Festival of Leicestershire and Rutland Archaeology was a good event, which gave various opportunities for looking around villages in these counties.

One of the events was a stroll around Thurmaston, and as I was not committed to anything else at the time I decided to take part.

We were particularly looking at sites where archaeological discoveries have been made.

Starting at the Community Centre in Melton Road (the Roman Fosse Way), we strolled for a while beside the river and canal, and then across to where the giant Asda store now stands on the outskirts of the village.

Along the way, sites of burials etc were pointed out. The whole thing was interesting and informative.

In my own programme of Guided Walks, I don`t actually lead a Thurmaston village one, but a little of the village is included in "Waterside Thurmaston".