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Saga Holiday in Leicester

[An image showing Saga Holiday in Leicester]Saga Holidays run breaks in various places around the country, and for several years now one of the favoured cities has been Leicester.

The holiday lasts for a week, and guests stay in the Halls of Residence at Leicester University.

In the early part of the week, I come in and give the group a talk about how great the city of Leicester and the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland are.

Of course I can be enthusiastic about this, as I spend a lot of my time showing people around the area on Guided Walks and Coach Trips.

It's always nice on these evenings to meet people from a variety of towns and cities around the country.

On the first of these talks this year I was able to chat to people from Colchester (in my home county of Essex), Glasgow and Peterborough. I hope they enjoyed their week.