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Leicester University (Leicester)

[An image showing Leicester University]Leicestershire University is one of the two universities in the City of Leicester, the other being De Montfort University.

The university buildings cluster around the hill to the North of the City Centre, close to Victoria Park and Edwin Lutyens' imposing War Memorial.

The first man in charge, effectively Vice-Chancellor, was Freddie Attenborough, whose sons Richard Attenborough and David Attenborough acknowledge their fondness for the city where they grew up.

One of the towers overlooking the park is the Engineering Building, designed by James Stirling in brick and glass.

The Harold Martin Botanic Garden at nearby Oadby is an amalgamation of gardens around the Halls of Residence.

Genetic fingerprinting was evolved by Dr. Alec Jeffrey at Leicester University, which has also been the scene of much space research - the main reason why the National Space Centre is situated in Leicester.

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