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Question and Answer Session at Grace Road

The Leicestershire Cricket Society recently held an extra meeting at Grace Road.

The Society gives a chance for cricket lovers to talk about the sport, and listen to talks by eminent former ploayers, umpires and administrators, during the close season.

This year, with the new feeling of optimism among Leicestershire Cricket Club members, an extra meeting was arranged, in the form of a question and answer session.

The three speakers were Tim Boon, the county`s senior coach; Matthew Hoggard, the former Yorkshire and England fast bowler, who has joined he county as captain; and Will Jefferson, the six foot ten and a half opening batsman who began his career with Essex and then moved to Nottinghamshire.

Each speaker reinforced the feeling that 2010 will be the best season for Leicestershire cricket for many years, with an outstanding crop of young locally produced players and experienced ones signed from English counties rather than from South Africa.