Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

New Forest Tour

One of my more recent Coach Trips was the "New Forest Tour".

This was one of my Autumn Colours Tours, seeking to find trees in all their Autumnal glory.

We started as usual from St. Margarets Bus Station in the centre of Leicester, and travelled most of the way in the morning by motorways, arriving at Guildford Cathedral for a coffee break.

Then it was on down into the New Forest itself, making the first of our three stops at Lyndhurst, where Alice Hargreaves (of "Alice in Wonderland" fame) is buried.

From there we moved on to Lymington, where the market was in full swing.

The last of the three stops was at Christchurch, with the chance (which most of the party accepted) of visiting the wonderfulChristchurch Priory.

On the way back, we stopped at Rothersthorpe (now actually known as Northampton) Services.

My Visitors Book attracted such comments as "most interesting and informative day out, very enjoyable", "what a glorious area of God`s creation! Much enjoyed this trip", "every town and city should have a man like you" and "great day out, enjoyed every minute".

If you have not been on one of these excursions, give it a try!