Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Mystery Weekend

Anne and I had a weekend away recently. This is something that quite rarely happens.

We booked on a Mystery Weekend with Woods Coaches of Leicester, the company from whom I hire coaches for my own trips.

I enjoy, not only being taken on a trip, but the concept of a Mystery Tour.

On this occasion, having left Leicester on the Saturday morning, we proceeded North up the M1, and made a coffee stop at Dobbies Garden World at Barlborough.

From there, we moved through Derbyshire and made a rather longer stop at one of my favourite little towns, Castleton.

We then climbed over the dramatic Snake Pass and travelled about two thirds of the way around Manchester by motorways, until we reached Bury, where we made our overnight stop at the Village Hotel.

The room at the hotel was perfectly comfortable, but we were less than impressed with the quality of the food (both dinner and breakfast) and management of the restaurant. I suppose you have to get a dud sometimes.

In the morning, we started to wend our way back home, and made a stop over lunch at Chester. Anne and I took the oportunity to attend the morning service at Chester Cathedral.

Our last stop before getting back to Leicester on the Sunday evening was at the giant Bridgemere Garden World.

It was very nice to get away for the weekend.