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Bury is an industrial town in Greater Manchester, formerly Lancashire, on the River Irwell.

There was a castle here, built by Thomas Pilkington in 1415, but little survives of this.

The village expanded at the time of the Industrial Revolution, when the Irwell was harnessed to power the machinery of the cotton mills and paper mills.

A canal was built in 1791 linking Bury with Bolton and Manchester, and the East Lancashire Railway in 1846.

Bury Art Gallery has an important collection of paintings by Constable and Turner.

Bury is widely known for its market, and for its black pudding.

The East Lancashire Railway has been reopened as a popular steam railway.

Among those born in Bury are Richmal Crompton, author of the "Just William" stories; Reg Harris, cycling champion; John Kay, inventor of "Flying Shuttle"; Gary and Phil Neville, England footballing brothers; and Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Bury for groups.

Places in Bury

Burrs Country Park, Bury Station, Clarence Park

Places in Bury...