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Most Enjoyable Weekend at Bexley

My wife Anne and I had a most enjoyable weekend away recently. We stayed at Bexley, as guests of the Holiday Inn.

Having travelled down from Leicester via London, we arrived in Bexley about lunchtime on the Friday.

We spent the afternoon a few minutes walk away, at the splendid 16th century house known as Hall Place. This has, in addition to its many rooms decked out in museum style, some lovely gardens and an excellent tea shop, which we made use of before wandering around the lovely parkland.

We ate at a fish and chip shop in the village, and both of us were happy with the food - indeed, Anne felt it was excellent. But I`m afraid I had the most disgusting cup of coffee I have ever tried, and had to visit a shop to get a carton of drink in the Ribena style instead. This was not only cheap but also excellent.

On the Saturday, after a very good breakfast, we caught the train to Gravesend, and then on to the fine old market town of Faversham, which we spent a very happy day exploring. We found two very pleasant tea shops, and a pub called the Phoenix where we had a very nice meal. Also during the day we had a nice cup of tea and a cake in a community garden.

We thoroughly enjoyed Faversham.

On the Sunday, we checked out after another good breakfast, and went to London. We had intended to ride on the London Eye, but the weather was rather overcast so we decided not to do this, as we would not see as much as we would have liked.

So we visited the Museum of London, then the Tate Modern and then the National Gallery.

After that, we caught the train back to Leicester, having had a really good weekend.