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Leicester's Riverside Festival Was Best Ever

I spent an hour or so recently at the Riverside Festival held in Leicester.

The Festival was held on the same weekend as the Big Day Out, held in Abbey Park to celebrate eighty years of the restored Diocese of Leicester.

I spent most of the day there, but wanted to show my face at the Riverside Festival, as there are a good many people I know who are involved. There is little doubt that the Festival this year was the best ever.

The festivities were centred along the canal near West Bridge and De Montfort University, and in Bede Park.

The Riverside Festival provided the opportunity to explore Leicester’s inland waterways, with plenty of activities both on and off the water.

There was a floating teashop, as well as boat trips, art workshops, street entertainers, pole-lathe turning demonstrations, etc etc.

Those who are interested in walks beside the river and canal might like to know that I lead Waterside Walks, including “Waterside Leicester”, “Waterside Charnwood” and “Waterside Glenhills”.