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Interesting talk by Alan Oakman

The Leicestershire Cricket Society hold their meetings monthly during the close season, at Grace Road in Leicester.

My friend Norman Harrington, the Rothley poet and playwright, is Chairman of the Society, and has urged me many times to come to the meetings.

Unfortunately, since I am very busy leading Guided Walks and Coach Trips and giving talks, I am rarely available at the right time.

But a little while ago I did find myself free when a meeting was taking place, so I took myself off to Grace Road.

As a member of Leicestershire County Cricket Club, I spend as much time as I can at the ground during the Summer. I love cricket. But it seemed very strange to be there out of season.

The speaker was Alan Oakman, the former Sussex and England batsman who was also a decent bowler. I realised with a shock as I was approaching the ground that he was at the height of his powers about fifty years ago - and I remember those days!

Good gracious, I can't really be that old.

Anyway, Alan gave a very interesting talk. He is now employed by the Warwickshire club.

When Jim Laker had his record breaking Test match - he is the only man ever in the history of cricket to take 19 wickets in a match - the safe hands of Alan Oakman held 6 catches.

He spoke about Ted Dexter, a superb batsman for Sussex and England. Batting with "Lord Ted", it seemed, was an unusual experience, as it was a sort of master and servant situation, and his Lordship barely recognised that there was another batsman involved.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed Alan's talk.