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Interesting Day at Nottingham

I had an interesting day recently at Nottingham, on a familiarisation day organised by the City Council.

Group travel organisers had been invited, and the day was put together with the help of "Group Leisure" magazine.

We met for coffee and pastries at the Britannia Hotel, just off Maid Marian Way in the City Centre.

Our guide, Chris Slade from The Nottingham Experience, stayed with us all day. First he took us past the Tales of Robin Hood attraction, and then to the Robin Hood statue outside Nottingham Castle.

From there we walked up to the castle itself. We were shown the interactive signs which have recently been erected around parts of Nottinghamshire connected with the Robin Hood legends, and admired the view from high up above the city.

Inside the castle, we saw the new Robin Hood exhibits displayed in connection with the recent TV series.

Having left the castle, we all piled into a minibus and went out into Sherwood Forest.

Just outside Edwinstowe, we visited the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, and strolled out to the world-famous Major Oak.

By then it was lunchtime, and we had a very good meal at the Clumber Park Hotel.

After lunch, we went to the beautiful Clumber Park, now administered by the National Trust.

And then it was back to Nottingham, and everybody said goodbye and went home.

It's nice on these occasions to chat with people from other places. This time, I was able to converse with representatives from Coventry, Lichfield (where, funnily enough, I had been the previous day), Rotherham, Solihull and Wimborne. Not to mention Rob Yandell of "Group Leisure".

It was a good day, and certainly showed me parts of Nottinghamshire with which I was not very familiar. Thanks to all for organising it.