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Fred Raffle Was a Winner

The Leicestershire Cricket Society held is first meeting of the close season recently, and it was a cracker.

I try to get to as many of these meetings as possible, although I sometimes have other commitments of course.

This time the speaker was Fred Raffle. Not a household name, but actually one of the finest speakers I have experienced.

Fred is blind, and was accompanied by his splendid dog Barney,

He comes from Sunderland in the North East, and although Durham are now a force to be reckoned with in cricket terms, they were not at the time a first class county.

When he went to a specialist school for boys with no sight or partial sight, he was asked which cricket team he supported, and was horrified when people suggested it should be Yorkshire. But a friend supported Glamorgan, so Fred thought that he would too.

Fred had a hilarious fund of stories about playing cricket, organising cricket for the blind, and following the England team all around the world.

I enjoyed this one more than all the other splendid Cricket Society meetings that I have been to.