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Farming Ladies Explore Lutterworth

[An image showing Farming Ladies Explore Lutterworth]I led a Guided Walk recently around the historic Leicestershire market town of Lutterworth.

This was for members of the Lutterworth Ladies NFU (National Farmers Union).

I showed the group lots of interesting sites around the town, including St. Marys Church, The Shambles and the Town Hall, as well as some of the lesser known but picturesque back streets of the town.

And I talked about Sir Frank Whittle, the Gideons and especially John Wycliffe, the former Oxford man who spent his last years in Lutterworth and had a profound effect on the development of Western Christianity.

The ladies all enjoyed the walk, and agreed that they now had a much better insight into places that they normally hurry past without really looking.

I will be delighted to arrange a similar walk for your group around Lutterworth or anywhere else, for that matter.

Just get in touch.