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Explaining Leicester's Street Names

[An image showing Explaining Leicester's Street Names]Members of Leicester Round Table had a fascinating evening recently when I took them on a Guided Walk around Leicester City Centre.

The walk was a version of my popular "Street Names of Leicester".

All streets are named something for a reason - no name just happens. The main purpose of this particular walk is to give explanations for some of the more interesting ones.

Leicester, which is not only one of the largest cities in England but also one of the oldest, has a fine collection of eccentric street names.

Among the streets whose names were discussed during the evening, as we walked along them, were Butt Close Lane, Cheapside, Church Gate, Every Street, Gallowtree Gate, Grey Friars and Horsefair Street.

The walk ended with a meal at the excellent French restaurant known as Le Bistrot Pierre.

I am very happy to lead this walk for other groups.