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Excursions 2008

[An image showing Excursions 2008]I spent the day recently at one of the major trade shows for the tourist trade in Britain.

"Excursions" draws people from much of South East England, and in particular of course from London.

I say "of course" because it's held in London.

In previous years it has been held at Earls Court and the Barbican, but the show has now found a permanent home at the splendid Alexandra Palace.

It's nice to be able to mingle amongst group travel organisers and even other Blue Badge Guides, and to talk to representatives of interesting destinations, including in this instance Colchester, Dudley, Gosport, Peterborough, Portsmouth, St. Albans and Windsor.

And the "London Cuppa", in association with "Mary Poppins", served refreshing nice cups of tea - "a drink with jam and bread".