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St. Albans

St. Albans is a historic cathedral city in Hertfordshire, 19 miles North West of London.

The original settlement here was the important Roman town of Verulamium, which was one of the three towns destroyed by Boudicca in her violent rebellion, the others being Colchester and London. All three towns were rebuilt, and there are now extensive ruins of Verulamium in a park beside the River Ver.

The town is named after the first British Christian martyr. Alban was a Roman soldier who was beheaded for helping a Christian priest to escape from persecution.

His place of execution, on a hill overlooking the Roman town, became the site of an early shrine. This developed into today's St. Albans Abbey, which has held cathedral status since 1877.

The tiny Old Fighting Cocks is one of the claimants for the title of oldest inn in England.

In the area around the Market Place, the Clock Tower stands on the site of an Eleanor Cross.

Two battles were fought at St. Albans during the Wars of the Roses.

Nicholas Breakspear, who as Adrian IV was the only Englishman to become Pope, was the son of a monk at St. Albans.

John Ball, the radical priest who was one of the leaders of the Peasants' Revolt, was born in St. Albans, where he was also sentenced to death.

Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, was also born here.

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Events in St. Albans

St. Albans and Verulamium, St. Albans Festival

Places in St. Albans

Abbey Gateway, Clock Tower, Fighting Cocks, French Row, Market Place, Museum of St. Albans, St. Albans Abbey, St. Albans Abbey Station, St. Albans City Station, St. Michael`s Church, Verulamium, Verulamium Museum

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Events in St. Albans...