Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Excellent Day in Oxford

The Oxford Story and Christ Church recently organised a familiarisation day for group travel organisers.

Anne, my wife, came with me, and we had a very good day.

We started with a visit to The Oxford Story. This is an indoor ride attraction. Visitors ride in small cars on a track, rather like Jorvik in York and The Tales of Robin Hood in Nottingham. A commentary, recorded by Magnus Magnussen, gives an overview of the history of Oxford and its University.

As a matter of interest, two men with Leicestershire connections are featured. John Wycliffe, the religious reformer who did much of his work at Oxford, died at Lutterworth, while Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester who was one of the martyrs burned at Oxford, was born at Thurcaston.

We then went on to The Big Bang. This excellent restaurant specialises in bangers and mash. Its owner reckons that there are too few proper restaurants serving decent English food. He aims to source all his food from farms and other suppliers within a few miles of Oxford. Much recommended.

In the afternoon, we had a Guided Tour of Christ Church, perhaps the most distinguished of the many Oxford colleges. It was founded by Cardinal Wolsey, who died and was buried in Leicester. Within the precincts is the Cathedral, the only one in England to be connected to a college.

Afterwards, the Mitre, an old inn in The High, provided cream teas. This inn stands on top of a mediaeval crypt, which unfortunately is no longer open to the public.

It was an excellent day, enjoyed by all.

As it happens, I will be running a Coach Trip to Oxford, including a Guided Walk, next January.