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Did You Miss the Thetford Forest Tour?

Well, if you did miss the "Thetford Forest Tour", you missed a great treat.

This year`s Autumn Colours Tour, it was designed as always to show the trees in their Autumn finery of reds, russets and golds. It is never easy to time it exactly, but this year we got it just right.

We started off, as is our custom, from St. Margarets Bus Station in Leicester, and made our way this time towards East Anglia, making a coffee stop at the very popular Huntingdon Garden Centre, which always goes down well.

From there we moved into the Fens, with good views of the magnificent Ely Cathedral, and then into the Breckland.

Our first main stop was at Brandon, famous for its flint. Quite a few of us visited the newly opened Coffee Shop here.

Then we had a tour through Thetford Forest, before arriving at the ancient town of Thetford for our next main stop. Everybody enjoyed this excellent town, and particularly admired the golden statue of Thomas Paine, while recapturing memories of "Dad`s Army".

After that, we had another tour around Thetford Forest and The King`s Forest nearby, before arriving at our last main stop of the day. Bury St. Edmunds is quite lovely, with the superb Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral and the magical quality of Angel Hill and the elegant shopping streets. Personally, I had fish and chips at the Bury Chippy.

On the way back to Leicester, we stopped for coffee at Cambridge Services.

As usual, the trip was further enlightened with quizzes. One passenger won a place on the "Essex Woodlands Tour", and another now has a place on "Warwick and Coventry".

My Visitors` Book has such comments as "a very enjoyable day - our first time but not the last", "hit the jackpot with the Autumn Colours this year - fantastic!", "nice Autumn Colours this year, and enjoyed revisiting Bury St. Edmunds", "my first trip, very enjoyable", "an excellent trip, the Autumn Colours were glorious and well worth seeing, we also stopped in some lovely places, many thanks, Colin!" and "lovely trip, gorgeous Autumn Colours - thank you so much".