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Brandon is a small town in Suffolk, close to the border with Norfolk.

It lies fifteen miles to the South of Swaffham, and five miles to the North West of Thetford.

Many years ago Brandon was a thriving port, but it is chiefly known for flint.

Many of the town's houses are made from flint, and generations of local families were employed in flint-knapping, one of the oldest trades in the world.

Flintlock guns use flints, and there are still men working in Brandon who are employed by American gun clubs.

Nearby are the famous Grimes Graves, a prehistoric factory which was involved in this industry.

Brandon Country Park is part of the extensive Thetford Forest.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Brandon for groups.

Places in Brandon

Brandon Country Park, Brandon Station

Places in Brandon...