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Cricket Society Welcomes Peter Parfitt

Leicestershire Cricket Society welcomed a distinguished former player to a meeting at Grace Road recently, and I was very interested to listen to his talk.

Peter Parfitt was a very fine left handed batsman who played for Middlesex over a number of years, and also repesented England in 38 Test matches.

This was in spite of there being a glut of excellent middle order batsmen avilable at the time, including Peter May, Colin Cowdrey, Tom Graveney and Ken Barrington.

Peter, who was also a good spin bowler, told stories about his career, including the fact tht it was alway obvious that the county he would play for was Middlesex, as this was a tradition for players born in Norfolk. Peter himself came from a village near Dereham.

He was a very interesting speaker, and one of many to visit this friendly ground in Leicester.