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Celebrating Sobers` Six Sixes

The Leicestershire Cricket Society meeting at Grace Road recently featured a talk given by Grahame Lloyd, the author of a book entitled "Six of the Best".

This book was about the occasion where Garfield Sobers, the outstanding West Indian all rounder who was then playing for Nottinghamshire, hit six sixes off one over (six balls) against Glamorgan.

It was the first time that this feat had ever been performed, and Grahame looked into the background, giving us fascinating insights into the leading players in this drama, including of course the bowler Malcolm Nash.

There were also some guests, namely four members of the Notts team that day, Graham Frost, John Parkin, Mike Smedley and Bob White, as well as Roger Davis, who held a catch on the boundary and fell over the rope, with the result that Sobers was not out and had another six credited to his score.

Afterwards, I commiserated wih Roger Davis and said it was a pity that he was mainly remembered for his abortive catch, whereas I remembered him as a good opening batsman. Roger then reminded me that his other claim to fame was having "died" on the pitch after being hit by a cricket ball.

Before long it will be the real cricket season, when we will be able to actually watch cricket rather than talk about it.