Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

A Day Trip to Cheltenham

Cheltenham was the destination for a Coach Trip which I went on as a passenger recently.

This excursion was organised by Woods Coaches of Leicester. That's the company from whom I hire coaches for my own trips.

As well as running trips myself, I enjoy going from time to time on somebody else's.

On this occasion, we left St. Margarets Bus Station and made our way towards the West Midlands, stopping at the Evesham Country Park. I had a good breakfast there, at the Apple Barn Restaurant.

Then it was on to Cheltenham, that splendid Regency town which owes its fashionable spa status to George III.

On this particular day, there was a very fine farmers' market in full swing, with good stuff to sample. I also had a look at the parish church, and the excellent indoor shopping centre (rivalling the one in Chester for elegance) known as the Regent Arcade.

Then it was back to Leicester, having had a nice relaxing day.