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St. John the Baptist Church (Windsor)

[An image showing St. John the Baptist Church]St. John the Baptist is the town church of the historic Berkshire town of Windsor.

It is on the site of an earlier church.

The old church was demolished, and this one built between 1820 and 1822, by Charles Hollis, under the direction of Jeffry Wyatville, who had done a considerable amount of work on Windsor Castle.

It was later enlarged by S. S. Teulon.

Some finely carved railings are the work of Grinling Gibbons, and were previously in a chapel at the Castle.

Beside the chancel are two Royal thrones. However, when Her Majesty the Queen attends services at St. John's, she prefers to sit with the people in the nave.

In the Gallery, above the West door, is a painting which is said to be a national treasure.

It is a depiction of The Last Supper by Francis de Cleyn, a German artist from by the Baltic Sea. He settled in England in 1623 and died in 1658.

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