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City of Three Waters (Whitwick)

City of Three Waters is the name of a street in Whitwick, the former market town in North West Leicestershire.

It is situated at the bottom of Dumps Road, on the fault line that separates the West Leicestershire coalfield from the volcanic rocks of Charnwood Forest.

The word “city” was once used locally to denote any group of people, in this case those living by the three waters.

Two of the three waters were certainly the two arms of the Grace Dieu Brook, which flow on either side of the motte of the former Whitwick Castle and join just below it. The third was either the stream which joins the combined brook, or the spring that issues from beneath St. John the Baptist Church.

There is another street in Whitwick named City of Dan, while the area around the church was once known as the City of Jerusalem.

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