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Town Square (Syston)

Town Square is a small modern shopping precinct in Syston, a town to the North of Leicester.

The square can be reached on foot from Melton Road, Syston’s main through road, with most of its major stores, such as Wilkinsons and the Somerfield supermarket.

The alternative entrance to the precinct is from the High Street, the town’s much older shopping street, which contains some very attractive old houses, as well as the Post Office and the Methodist Church.

Town Square contains the Co-op supermarket, a coffee shop, a bakers and several smaller shops.

A notable feature in the centre of the square is a bandstand. Although rarely used for its proper purpose, this is very useful for sheltering under in the rain.

The bandstand is the specific meeting point for Colin Crosby Guided Walks in Syston.

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