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Swannington Incline (Swannington)

Th Swannington Incline is an important piece of industrial history, and is situated at Swannington in Leicestershire.

It is a remnant of the Leicester to Swannington Railway, one of the earliest in the world and opened in 1832.

The railway was surveyed by George Stephenson, and the work carried out by his son Robert Stephenson. It still operates as a mineral line, although reopening as a passenger railway has been talked about for years. In fact, an opening date of 1997 was promised, but in 2008 this is still awaited.

The incline itself, largely restored by a local trust, can be walked down. It was used by stationary engines, and later bypassed by a more conventional railway line.

The engine house has been demolished and the winding engine is now at the National Railway Museum at York.

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