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Tombland (Norwich)

Tombland is a large thoroughfare and open space in the outstandingly historic cathedral city of Norwich.

It stands just outside the precincts of Norwich Cathedral. The name means "empty land".

Tombland was the market place in the Anglo-Saxon period, and it was only after the coming of the Normans that this function was transferred to the present Market Place, in the shadow of Norwich Castle.

This area was the scene of riots in the mediaeval period between the townspeople and the monks.

There are some fine buildings around Tombland, notably the 15th century Maid's Head Hotel, 17th century Samson and Hercules House which is guarded by figures of these two heroes, and Augustine Steward House, which was occupied in 1549 by Robert Kett's rebels.

There are also two gates into the Cathedral Close. Erpingham Gate was erected in 1420 by Sir Thomas Erpingham who fought at Agincourt, while St. Ethelbert's Gate was built at the expense of the townspeople after a riot about market tolls in 1272.

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