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Norwich Cathedral (Norwich)

The Cathedral of the Holy and Undivided Trinity is the cathedral serving Norfolk, and situated in the historic city of Norwich.

It is a particularly magificent cathedral, with a spire second only in height (315 feet) and beauty to Salisbury.

The see was founded at Dunwich in 631, and moved to North Elmham in 673 and to Thetford in 1031. William the Conqueror decreed that cathedrals should be in the major towns, so it was moved to Norwich in 1094.

The cathedral at Norwich was started by Bishop Herbert de Losinga. It was his plan that led to the unusually long and high nave, as well as the unusual height of the triforium.

The Bishop's throne is the only really ancient one in England, having been brought here from the earlier cathedrals by de Losinga. He is himself buried in front of the High Altar. A stone effigy dating from about 1100 is the oldest Christian effigy in England. It was formerly believed to be of de Losinga, but as he died in 1119 this is unlikely. It probably represents St. Felix, the evangelist of East Anglia.

There is a fine selection of roof bosses, which can be seen to advantage by using the mirror trolley. They include the Crucifixion, the Harrowing of Hell and Henry II's penance at the tomb of Thomas a Becket.

St. Luke's Chapel within the cathedral is now used as the parish church by the parishioners of St. Mary in the Marsh.

The original Norman cloisters were destroyed in a riot in1272, when the townspeople rose up against an unpopular Prior.

Earlier spires fell down in 1361 and (when struck by lightning) in 1463.

Norwich's close is a particularly lovely one, enhanced by the fact that cars are not allowed.

Edith Cavell, the nurse who was executed in Belgium in 1915, during the First World War, is buried here.

By the West door is a memorial to Julian of Norwich, among whose memorable words were "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well."

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