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Elm Hill (Norwich)

Elm Hill is a very picturesque and much photographed street in the historic cathedral city of Norwich.

Situated close to Norwich Cathedral and Tombland, the street is cobbled and lined on both sides with ancient houses, many of which are now craft or antique shops.

The Briton's Arms was formerly, as the name implies, a pub. It dates from the 14th century and escaped a fire in 1507. At one time, it was a beguinage, inhabited by members of a religious sisterhood who were not bound by strict vows and who were free to return to the secular world if they so chose. More recently, the Briton's Arms has become a coffee shop.

Opposite the Briton's Arms is a redundant church, St. Peter Hungate, which is now a museum of church artefacts and brass rubbing centre.

At the other end of Elm Hill, on the corner of Wensum Street, is St. Simon and St. Jude's Church, which is also redundant. This is now used as a centre for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.

Pettus House was the home of the Pettus family, prominent in the Middle Ages in Norwich affairs.

Roaches Court has a small quay, from where boats ply along the River Wensum and even trips to the Norfolk Broads.

Elm Hill, derelict and threatened with demolition in the 19th century, was saved by the Norwich Society in association with the Civic Trust.

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