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Cannon Street Station (London)

Cannon Street Station is one of the railway termini of London.

It is situated in Cannon Street, in the City.

The station was constructed in 1866 by John Hawshaw, and although it was redeveloped in the 1960s the twin cupolas facing the River Thames survive.

It stands on the site of the Roman Governor's 1st century Palace, and where the Hanseatic League built a trading headquarters in 1157.

The associated Cannon Street Hotel, built by E. M. Barry in 1867 and destroyed by bombs during the Second World War, was the birthplace of the British Communist Party in 1920, as well as Oswald Mosley's New Party in 1931.

Cannon Street serves suburban destinations in South East London and Kent.

Cannon Street Underground Station is used by trains on the Circle Line and District Line.

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