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St. Peter and St. Paul Church (Lavenham)

The church of St. Peter and St. Paul is the parish church of the lovely little town of Lavenham in Suffolk, one of the showplaces of England.

It stands on top of the hill overlooking and dominating the town, and was financed by the profits from the wool trade.

A mediaeval church, it was largely rebuilt in the late 15th century by the De Vere family, to celebrate their part in the Tudor victory at the Battle of Bosworth, just outside Market Bosworth in Leicestershire, when Richard III lost his crown and his life.

The tower is magnificent, and contains modern statues of St. Peter and St. Paul. All over the exterior there are the stars that symbolise the De Vere family.

The nave contains particularly fine screens, and there are two former chantry chapels, one of which is now dedicated to St. Catherine and St. Blaise.

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